Financial Services

Financial services are certainly facing lots of challenges, which we would identify in (at least) the following major fields:

1 Ever-growing regulatory requirements, taking lots of attention and resources to serve governance, risk and compliance requirements
2 Digital transformation – creating disruptions and global competitors coming from non-financial sector
3 Economic pressures – keeping healthy balance sheets and staying profitable in stagnant, declining economy

The list could go on – certainly an important aspect related to all the three points mentioned above is cyber-security, since more and more business is done online, and inadequate cyber-security can jeopardise all of the above positions.

Our business excellence approach, focused on core business processes in financial services and custom enterprise applications development, addresses all of the above mentioned challenges:

1 We carefully analyse our client’s business processes and work together with client’s teams to (re)design in order to innovate and optimise their business while securing the highest standards of compliance, information security and process efficiency
2 Digital transformation – we specialise in underwriting automation for financial services, securing the highest standards of UX (user experience), productivity, control, compliance and automation. One of our specialities is business rules and decision automation, enabling faster time-to-market, better control and highest quality of all the key decisions in the process of risk management for the underwriting of financial services products
3 By doing the above, we enable our client for some serious overall improvements i.e. savings of process execution costs; getting more job done with existing resources; better compliance through rigorously documented, developed and tested applications, including robust audit trails as standard; less client complaints, which are damaging both the P&L statement and reputation of financial services institutions

Please let us know how may we help you in the digital transformation of your financial services – we will be able to demonstrate our approach and solutions to you in a clear manner.