This cross-industry theme is valid for regulated industries, such as financial services, food and pharmaceuticals. It is also valid for any corporate, in terms of internal GRC policies and their enforcement.

The regulatory requirements are becoming ever more stringent and it is not easy to cope with – it, organisation-wide. The scope and complexity of GRC challenges keep growing as well as taking a growing share in both capital investments and operational costs of heavily regulated businesses.

In our view, business process focus is the key prerequisite to be efficient in managing GRC domain. Our flagship solution, Business Visualizer, will utilise your business process assets to collect, review, publish and maintain required sets of accurate and integrated procedures, which will help your organisation to stay compliant and your employees to stay motivated while delivering their GRC related duties.

On top of that, hardly will you ever resolve your GRC challenges without employing some serious Enterprise Content Management solutions.
This is where we can help you to stay compliant, while reducing unnecessary capital investments and operational costs. Our approach to your GRC challenges is based on your specific needs. Examples of the covered areas are:

1 IT Governance process – by documenting business processes using e.g. ITIL as the leading industry standard for IT service management and creating your custom-tailored knowledge base in our Business Visualizer process repository
2 Quality Management Standards – e.g. ISO 9000 which is an international norm and one of the ways to implement business process excellence
2 Information Security Standards – e.g. ISO 27000 family of standards with focus on increasingly important topic of systematically protecting your digital assets
4 Regulatory compliance rules related to underwriting, depending on specific market on which you operate as well as your group corporate structure
5 Pharmaceutical regulatory compliance in line with the European Medicines Agency, especially in the areas of Pharmacovigilance