Business excellence – to achieve it must be a dream of all leaders. But how to make this dream a practical reality – the habitual foundation of corporate culture and competitive performance?


BPMThis is certainly not an easy job, but for those leaders who recognise its potential and have strong determination, it can create a world of difference through an organisation which systematically outperforms its competitors. We believe this is a vision worth pursuing. If you choose so, we can help you to realise such a vision, step by step.
Let us explain how. We would focus put a strong focus on process, which is the ultimate generator of the result. A sequence of activities, people and resources, which needs to be perfected and polished, so through its application and practice we gain insights and competitive results.

Why Business Process Focus?

Business processes are value creation engines of any business. To see and understand business processes means to gain deeper insight into one’s business purpose, core products and services and how to best serve your clients, being profitable at the same time.

Business process focus inherently places your client in the centre of your attention. The individual business process describes how client interaction flows – from the first contact, to contract and purchase of your products and services, towards delivery, billing and client support flows. Anything else would follow and enhance that central purpose. Procurement, maintenance, people development, to name a few very important ones.

Business Process Management (BPM) – the Key Elements

Strategy understanding how your business stays competitive on a long-term basis. We fully respect your strategy and take it as the key input into all other BPM areas – by making sure process transparency, change and analytics are aligned with your strategy, the way you want it.

Living strategy ultimately transforms to clear goals, objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), enabling the organisation to measure and gain insight how well is the strategy executed.

Clarity a picture is worth a thousand words. To visualise your key processes is essential and this may become a better common language for your stakeholders. Having a clear view of your business in its key parts – organisational structure, functional elements, documents, IT systems and applications is a great asset.

Such transparency enables better compliance and governance, since all participants share the same facts base and vision. This becomes a springboard for better assessment and selection of your digital transformation potential – it helps you to select the most valuable opportunities for change and confirm those as projects or programmes.

Change is always instigated to deliver improvements – automation, innovation, better client service, reduced costs and time to market, increased quality. With those aims, defining and delivering change using transparent business process as an asset gives you advantage in better understanding, better quality and higher throughput of your change management process. Managing functional and user experience (UX) requirements using business process models as a platform will give you better edge in planning and execution of your change initiatives.

Program and project management are the inevitable disciplines in successfully delivering change. When new ways of working and systems are ready for production, those become the new standard / way of working, moving your organisation’s practices and systems forward.

Analytics after all, we need to manage business performance based on actual reality and facts. Process analytics merges classical data-driven business analytics with process view, enabling fast and accurate detection of business performance issues such as bottlenecks, non-compliance issues as well as detection of high performance segments can become the best practice role models. Rich and reliable analytics become decision base, both for operational decisions as well as strategic decisions i.e. learning and growth, which are the key ingredients to tune-up your strategy as well as your focus for the next cycle of clarity / process transparency.

We will support you in the full business excellence cycle, including our premium tool, Business Visualizer, which is technology for documenting and collaboration of your business process assets in simple, yet very powerful way.

Business Process Maturity Self-Assessment

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1 to better understand your current business position in terms of BPM maturity as well as to understand where to focus and which challenges you can expect on your BPM growth journey
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