When creating a high-performance, custom software to support your key business processes, in our practice the following approach delivers great results

Making sure your business process is transparent, i.e. literally visualized, quickly and efficiently, enabling all stakeholders to see the key elements of your business processes…

In parallel, we would meticulously workout the user experience (UX) overall design and all elements, starting by quickly prototyping the essential elements of user interaction.


As soon as visual interaction elements are prototyped, we will get our teeth into creating and integrating the transactional foundation – your master data – clients, product / service catalogue, pricing terms and conditions. In parallel, we create the initial access authorisation framework, which will be adopted and tuned to your needs until the final delivery – detailing who can access / read / update which application and data element of your new enterprise application. Both master data and user access foundations are continuously validated and tested throughout the project, as the application components evolve.

As soon as application components become testable units, we will release those for your validation and testing and subsequently continue to release as we build, throughout the delivery process, in mutually agreed frequency.

expertise_custom_01The automation architecture – flexible, smart workflows together with capturing robust, secure audit trails for key business events will enable smooth and flexible flow of your work throughout the designated optimal process route. We know that each enterprise application process has a complex flow of approvals, with different levels and complex rules determining the flow routing based on key client and product / service data. Our implementation may include flexible BRMS – Business Rules Management System solution, which is rule-based router of business flows, determining at each step where to forward the case, based on actual data and predetermined rules which are easy to maintain and change.

As we build your next generation application, we will pay special care to data and systems integration, making sure new applications perform with the highest degree of performance and integrity. Analytics is the cream of your new system, enabling insight and control into each important process step and fact captured in the system – it has to be fast, flexible and with open feed to whatever you may use as corporate analytics platform. Our speciality is process mining / analytics and we can enable you to see the bottlenecks and compliance issues in your process execution, based on real – life data.

We pay extra attention to thorough user training and application acceptance for your new application suite – winning end user’s hearts is the best option, far better than just issuing an order. Engaging key user community early, allowing them for a feedback and listening to their suggestions will result in better design, better acceptance and overall better business result for you.

This is why we suggest blending the best of classical, waterfall project management principles with agile approach, allowing for both discipline and control to meet the targets as well as agility to leverage new opportunities we may encounter as gradually building your next generation core business application.