In the age of digital transformation, content is king – take a look at stunning rate of growth of the web as well as corporate intranets.


Each business produces lots of documents (e.g. specifications, designs, procedures; educational material; print lists; scans of original inbound documents etc.) and also increasingly lots of rich, multimedia content.

Our speciality is to integrate BPM (Business Process Management) with ECM, to get the best results in:

Redesigning your document flows for minimum speed and efficiency

Reducing risks and fraud exposure on the original documentation

Automating data entry via intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Integrating inbound documentation with your core systems (e.g. inbound invoices with your SAP ERP)

Making sure you stay compliant – both with your internal, corporate procedures as well as with any external regulatory requirements

Determining flow performance and bottlenecks – by giving you management cockpit to oversee how the cases progress over time and to create alerts if processing time putting your service levels at risk


ECM is an infrastructure for Digital Mailroom – an enabler for Adaptive Case Management.