We are able to custom-build and support a number of case management scenarios for you, utilising our knowledge and experience in designing, developing and integrating high-quality, robust custom solutions.
Here is an overview of potential application areas, with short descriptions


Sales Case Automation Scenario

In a typical scenario “from contact to contract” with existing or new clients, you will most likely need to cover the following requirements:

1 Know your client – identity, background check, credit rating – perhaps also for associated persons / entities; collect a set of electronic and / or paper documents about that client
2 Issue standard or customized contract – depending on industry and the nature of expected transactions, this may vary from simple, standardised contract to highly customised, project-focused contracts with lots of collaboration with your clients, partners and legal department; contract lifecycle may include a number of appendices and lots of supporting legal documents
3 Manage individual orders and deliveries – with or without reference to contracts, creating required internal orders into your ERP / CRM / backoffice systems and securing to deliver as promised and within agreed client terms; this will be accompanied or followed by
4 Sales invoices – electronic or paper-based, you need to ensure they are properly issued (again, your ERP / CRM system will be a master in most cases) and delivered to your client
5 Process inbound payments and credit your clients for adequate amounts – making sure payments are properly closed (irrespective if inbound checks or wire transfers) and your client’s position is known at any time and in any case related to that client

Purchase Case Automation Scenario

In a similar fashion, now for vendors, you need speed, accuracy and control over your purchasing process, irrespective of various systems it may span.

This will typically comprise:

1 Vendor selection and registration – depending on your sourcing criteria
2 Vendor contract management – which may vary from simple, standardised to a highly customised, project focused contract with a back-to-back option, holding such a vendor accountable for elements of your integrated delivery to your clients
3 Purchase requisition management and associated approvals – where backoffice / ERP systems need to be checked against allocated budget and purchase plans, and different levels of authorisations may be needed to approve certain purchase requisitions
4 Launching vendor purchase orders – in electronic and / or paper form
5 Goods receipt and inbound invoice verification – controlling that you (a) accept only ordered goods and services which are (b) delivered in right quantity and expected quality and (c) for the agreed price, followed by
6 Vendor invoice clearance and payment processing – making sure your vendor gets paid for good deliveries in agreed time limit

Case Analytics

In order to have overall business control as well as control of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for a certain case type, case analytics are essential. We create flexible dashboards which can easily answer the following questions:

1 How long did it take to execute certain case or set of cases?
2 Which are the best and the worst executions of a specific case – in terms of end-to-end time-span, the number of steps or any other criteria / KPI for which we can obtain information?
3 Where are the bottlenecks in the specific case type flow?

Risk and Approvals Management

This is an integral part of any business management – financial, compliance or operational risk – needs to be managed. It often translates to setting of rules guiding approval flows as well as key business decisions (go / no-go; terms and conditions for a specific transaction; approved exceptions, escalations). So risk management rules are essential routers influencing case flows and execution paths. We have great experience in enabling full control as well as flexibility by implementing Decision Services Automation.

Claims and Complaints Management

Depending on your client, the nature of certain claim or complaint, you may with to have different processing paths originating from (and integrated to) your service desk solution or fully managed by our highly optimised, tailor-made claims and complaints management system, securing the first class treatment for your clients. Each such a claim may or may not be related to a specific contract, order or transaction and we will support you to define, design and implement such a unique core process in all its variants.

Digital Archive and Audit Management

Your digital archive is a gold mine of business insights as well as safe box for governance, risk and compliance requirements. We can tailor it to your needs in terms of access and authorisations, retention policies as well as embedded audit trails for all key events (storage, versioning, approvals, various access types and removals).


Digital Mailroom

This is in our view the key building block to secure all digital management of your vital business documents. Parts of it may be embedded to your specific solution or it can be delivered as a key business block / fundamental solution in its own right.