UWT Underwriting Tool

Enabling faster and quality response to your client requirements while at the same time keeping full control over your business sales and risks

Our UWT tool has the following characteristics:

1 Beautiful design and user experience – tailored to your needs, keeping in mind required functionality, productivity of system users as well as stunning design in accordance to your design guidelines, enriched with our designer’s creativity
2 Careful access and authorisation design – every user will be able to see, update and insert exactly those records / datasets / reports which she or he needs to access for the purpose of a specific user role
3 Careful master data design. Master data are the foundation for your transactions. This is why it is very important to make sure your clients, partners, products and services catalogue are consistently maintained and synchronised with all the relevant systems e.g. your CRM and Core Banking / Backoffice systems
4 Decision services automation – an extra bonus – for important decisions, we can enable agile and flexible design-validation-test- deployment cycle, which will increase both your agility (i.e. Seriously shorten your TTM – Time-to-Market) and control at the same time. We deliver this promise through our industry expertise combined with flexible and powerful decision services automation technologies.
5 Adaptive workflow – ensuring required flexibility, agility (ability to quickly change workflow rules) and control
6 Great reports – enabling both your staff and all levels of management to understand how your underwriting process is performed for different client segments, products and all other dimensions you consider important
7 Full audit – of your key events and data, so that you can always assess your compliance, for current and past transactions