Balanced Scorecard

Corporate performance management is a key to success to any sustainable business.

Our BSC solution will enable your organisation to:

1 Implement your strategy map, in terms of your strategic goals and objectives (classified in different strategic themes and perspectives)
2 Define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each of your strategic goals and objectives; we will help you in defining SMART KPIs (specific-measurable-achievable-relevant-time phased) as well as assessing data sources for measuring those KPIs
3 Personalise Goals and KPIs Ownership, so that accountability for achieving strategic goals is clearly defined; this is an iterative and collaborative organisation-wide effort that needs to happen during the planning and budgeting cycles. It is integrating strategic management with individual performance feedback process
4 Goals Delivery Analytics and Compensation Management Integration – ensuring strategic target achievement becomes transparent to all the relevant stakeholders, organisation-wide. Besides, compensation management tied to performance management is simply a good practice, ensuring each individual knows his / her focus and becomes more result-driven

Our BSC solution integrated with standardised implementation method and integration / data analytics expertise ensures that your corporate performance management and performance feedback processes will shine with accuracy, integrity and transparency for your competitive advantage.