products_icon_bv Business Visualizer
Our flagship product, Business Visualizer, is an enterprise grade process modelling, collaboration and process repository (database) solution, enabling you to manage the full lifecycle of your business process governance.

Please check our dedicated Business Visualizer pages for more information, including typical use cases and client experiences.


products_icon_bs Balanced Scorecard

Corporate performance management is a key to success to any sustainable business. Our BSC solution will enable your organisation to:

Implement your strategy map, in terms of your strategic goals and objectives (classified in different strategic themes and perspectives)

Define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each of your strategic goals and objectives


products_icon_dm Digital Mailroom
In our view, digital mailroom is the best way to make a clear and consistent translation from paper-based cases to all-digital world. The benefits of all-digital are tremendous:

Safe-storing original documents as soon as possible, for compliance / archive purposes Original digital content can be distributed in a controlled way to multiple receivers…


products_icon_uwt UWT Underwriting Tool
Underwriting for financial services is a core process, enabling faster and quality response to your client requirements while at the same time keeping full control over your business sales and risks.

Our UWT tool has the following characteristics: Beautiful design and user experience – tailored to your needs, keeping in mind required functionality, productivity of…